Creating the best pitch deck is crucial for startups since investors rely on them highly to get an overview of the business and what it is about.

Through the pitch deck, you can urge an investor to invest in your startup. This is why you can’t risk not acing your pitch because, in that context, you will be risking your company’s future and development.

Giving the importance of a pitch deck, we will provide you in this article with the most significant slides that all investors expect to have in a pitch.

  • Introduction

Having an excellent introduction is necessary since we all know how first impressions are important. All you have to do is present your business name, what your business is about in brief, exact words to deliver your project in the best way.

  • Problem

All great businesses are about finding a specific problem to tackle. Thus, your pitch should contain this problem and its aspects. Your problem should be proved. You should see a particular scenario in which you outline this specific problem.

  • Solution with a twist

Now, finding a problem is relatively easy. What’s more challenging is finding a solution. What makes your business a good one is finding the right solution to this particular problem cause at the end of the day, we all confront problems, and what is important is finding ways to solve them.

But you know what makes a profitable business a great one? A solution with a twist.

A solution that will leave your audience in “awe,” and this right there will take your company to completely other levels. You have to find a way to make your solution so unique and make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Business model

Your investors will be interested in knowing the way you operate your business. In this context, you should provide them with the right amount of information to show how things are done. On the other hand, you should not provide them with a lot of information that makes them overwhelmed.

  • Provide statistics

Providing numbers and statistics is crucial to give your startup credibility. It is essential to present statistics and numbers that show how their efforts are paying off.

  • Analysis of your competition

You should have a slide in which you present an analysis of your competition. All the information provided should be accurate. In this slide, it is essential to show what makes your business better, how your solution is better and more efficient than theirs.

  • The next phase

Your pitch should include a vision of the future. It would be best to showcase how your startup’s funding will help you achieve what you have in mind. Show them how ambitious you are and where you plan ongoing.

  • Financial projection slide

It is essential to show your business’s growth strategy and data analysis. Try to use an appealing design to appeal to the audience or investors as much as possible.

  • State what you need and ask clearly

After providing them with all these slides and attracting them towards business, it is essential to ask them for what you need clearly and plainly. Don’t be hesitant because, if you have done your job right, they will probably be inspired enough to put money on your project.

  • Team profiles

You should finish your pitch deck by showing off your team members, their pictures, and their roles.

Try as much as you can to use fonts and colors similar to each other to have an excellent visual appeal.


Including these slides in your pitch deck is essential and a constructive way in acing your pitch since it provides the information every investor is interested in knowing and looking for.