5 Reasons Why Digital Law Firms Are the Next Big Thing

Today, technology is vastly integrated into many sectors, such as healthcare (health-tech), finance (fintech), or retail (e-commerce). The legal industry is amongst the last to adopt new trends, especially that people still prefer face-to-face and personal relationships with their lawyers.

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the social-distancing measures put in place forced lawyers and clients to work remotely. As a result, many legal professionals shifted their businesses from the traditional brick-and-mortar office to virtual law firms.

What are the reasons behind this shift, and what are the benefits of the digital law firm model?

1) Affordable prices

Running a digital law firm helps lawyers save on office expenses, including rent, overhead, operational costs, and amenities, and reduces business expenditures. As a result, clients will also benefit from legal services at affordable prices.

2) Speed

Getting a legal service of any sort, whether drafting an agreement or seeking advice in a faster way, is every business owner’s target. Through the use of technology, digital law firms provide quicker results and help clients get their requests in a shorter period of time. Using cloud-based processes also makes them more efficient.

3) Not compromising on quality

It can be challenging to reach a specific deadline that is relatively short and managing to deliver the task in good quality. Digital law firms are capable of doing so through technology and software. They can provide their service in a short period without compromising quality.

4) Mobility

If Covid-19 showed us anything, it’s that unexpected things happen and that you do not have to move to a specific place to get a good or service. The digital law firm solves the mobility problem since a client doesn’t need to seek legal advice physically. Instead, a visit to the lawyer’s office is replaced by a simple online search.  Simultaneously, it is a very attractive solution for lawyers who are parents, caregivers, and those wanting a more balanced life.

5) Access to content

Digital law firms don’t only offer legal services but also legal content. This is free advice that can help business owners and clients in general, understand legal concepts and get the basic legal knowledge they need to solve their matters.


The world is entering into a new technological era. The legal sector that has been traditional and stable for so long is changing to a whole new level and modifying the old concept we all were used to. Lexyom is embracing this change. Cut to the chase, and check our services to get your online legal services in little to no time.