Four Dubai Startups Providing Solutions Catered to Tackling the Coronavirus Pandemic



The Covid-19 outbreak came with several social, health, educational, environmental, and logistical challenges. 

Many startups worldwide came up with innovative products and solutions to tackle such problems. In particular, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought forth innovations to survive the pandemic and secure people’s safety.  

What are the four leading startups in Dubai that are providing solutions in response to the pandemic? 


  • 3Dinova:


3Dinova is the first online 3D design and printing platform in the Middle East. It is using 3D printing technology to produce facemasks for the medical staff and manufacture 3D printed door handles that open using the elbow. The idea behind these inventions is to reduce the possibility of infection through exposure to a contaminated surface.


  • Liber Health:


Liber Health is a blockchain and biometrics-powered patient identification platform.

It provides a safe contactless Iris recognition method, which helps extract patient data while using the highest encryption standards. 

Liber Health also offers a way to detect coronavirus symptoms while eliminating manual temperature checks to keep workplaces and consumers safe. 

This new technology is safer than other biometric identification systems like fingerprint scanners, as it is less likely to spread germs. 

Given that the solution is accessible to all medical records systems and healthcare applications worldwide, the startup is currently discussing with notable public and private institutions that have expressed an interest in its patent-pending technology.


  • Munfarid:


The pandemic severely hit the education sector.   

Munfarid offers immersive education with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality programs for all industrial sectors, including semi-governmental, governmental, and private sectors. 

Munfarid intends to offer a platform for teachers to host classes with students.   


  • Junkbot:


Junkbot is a hardware technology firm. It launched the “Fight Corona Robotic Championship,” which encourages children in Dubai to build creative robots by offering them AED 5,000 prize money. This virtual initiative encourages the youth to help the nation combat the pandemic and create new solutions while using its Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)-based innovative DIY robotics kit

In short

The pandemic has challenged entrepreneurs worldwide, including in the UAE, to develop innovative startup ideas. There is no doubt that a crisis like this creates a far more stimulating environment for change than economically stable times.

While these startups are exploring new windows of opportunities, you can likewise unravel the power of innovation within you during these uncertain times. Book a consultation with a Lexyom lawyer to discuss your idea and help the world face the pandemic.